Friday, July 2, 2010

I apologize.

Good Evening My Friends,

I have to apologize that I have been gone for so long. Work got crazy then it was my birthday then I got really sad and depressed and now it is summer. I am needing to get my head back on straight again and starting this up again I feel will help.

In the past couple of months I have been searching for what I want out of life next. I LOVE my home life but need so much help with my work life. I just feel like I am banging my head against the wall everyday and screaming as loud as I can but no one hears me. I am just lost at the moment on this home front. I have been thinking about going into the health field of exercise/nutritionist and doing a lot of research about it. I really wish I could find someone who does this in life and grill them with all my questions.

I am back to the gym, which is a GREAT thing. I lost my trainer Jen due to her getting a new job at a different gym. I got Logan instead she is cool, but not like Jen. Jen was closer to my age while Logan is just like one of my staffers. If I had to guess I would say pushing 21. I would like someone my age and who knows more about nutrition.

I signed up for a half marathon on Oct. 2nd. I know, I am crazy... for I can't even run 2 miles without thinking that death is knocking at my door. This is my big push to make myself go to the gym and get healthy. I really want to but it is just too easy to let it fall to the way side. During my non blogging time I gained 7 lbs and non of it is muscle. I can only wear one pair of non workout shorts that I own. This makes my sad too, but instead of eating (which I do when I am stressed and bored the best of both worlds) I am working out or reading. We also started eating dinner at the dining room table and I have found that I eat SO much less this way. My mind hasn't clicked off so I eat slower and get full with less. The best part about my gym is the movie room for in there my mind clicks off and I can go farther then running outside or by just watching t.v.

I have to hit the hay! Need TONS of rest for the next two days, they are going to be crazy in a wonderful way.