Monday, December 21, 2009

I had a wonderful day, going to Michael's for a craft project and coming home without anything for that project. It's a Martha Stewart craft, but I decided to wait until after the holidays. It was a little too much money to be spending right now, but I oh so want her snowflake paper punch. I am also hooked on which is an amazing website that you should check out. There is no way that you can't easily spend an hour looking through everything. I am thinking about opening a shop there later next year. It takes me a while sometimes to make things so I would want a good amount of stock first. I am almost finished with my boyfriend's stocking! It is going to rock, but he already as a new idea for one that he wants me to make him for next year. So we will see.

Hope that you sleep tight and that all your holiday shopping is done!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things to do before I turn 30!

"Which road should I take?" (Alice)
"Where do you want to go?" (Cat)
"I don't know." Alice answered.
"Then," said the Car, "It doesn't matter. If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."
Alice in Wonderland

The picture is from Hallmark's Hoops and Yoyo! I LOVE THEM!

One of my favorite blogs does a list every year of what they want to do before her next birthday. This is where I got the idea from.

1) Pay off one of my credit cards
2) Run a 5K
3) Do 30 Day for 30 days straight
4) Go to Florida and do a College Program ten year reunion
5) Learn how to sew
6) Learn how to knit or decorate a cake with fondent
7) Finish stitching my apron
8) Organize all Recipes, put them on cards
9) Hang pictures through out the house
10) Organize the Pantry

These are my goal to finish within the 4 months. Let's see if I can do it, I think that I can do most of them. The hardest will be the 5K, the only that I am looking forward to the most is hanging all the pictures. I don't count going to Florida because of course that is what I am looking forward to the most. ;)

Once Christmas is over I am going to look into making all the idea's that I have running through my head. Really the first step is that I need to learn how to sew, then I will be off. I already have a bunch of ideas. I can't wait for you to see everything!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Man, does time ever fly

So in my last post I promised to update more and have all these great things happen this year. That of course did not happen, though great things did happen to me just not on my blog. :)

I am now getting use to being a homeowner, which is a never ending job. I am really close to a huge goal that I have been working on for a couple of years now. And this month, which is always crazy busy actually gave me time to sit back and rethink what my goals are in life. In this up coming year I am really going to stick with this because I am hooked, really hooked on reading other people's blogs. I always write them because I have questions that they might have an answer to. I am also hooked on Etsy like there is no tomorrow, I mean hours just looking at everything and always being amazed.

I have decided three very important things for this up coming year....

1) Instead of doing New Year's Resolutions that never seem to stick I am going to do 30 day tasks for everything that I want to do. I got the idea from a study saying that it only takes 16 days to form a habit, and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.

2) I have made a list of things that I want to do before my 30th birthday which is about 4 months away.

3) Go back to school in the fall to either be a teacher or teacher's aide. I don't know which one yet. Both seem good due to holidays and summers off.

On my 30 Day List is:

1. Yoga
2. Floss daily
3. Wear Make-up daily
4. Fix my hair, not into a ponytail everyday
5. Do 30-day shred straight through!
6. Run (I want to run a 5k or more in 2010)
7. Work on the gardens around the house i.e. learn how to garden and not kill everything
8. Finish playing a game on the XBOX 360 and get all 1,000 points for it
9. In 30 days clean the house from top to bottom, and make a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning plan
10. Decorate and fix the backyard deck
11. Organize the kitchen, pantry, and garage
12. Finally scrap book all my pictures into all my photo albums

I will probably add more to the list because some I can of course do at the same time.

Tomorrow will be my before 30 birthday list, but for now it's time for bed then off to work in the morning.