Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I moved!!

Good Evening!

I just finished moving my blog to wordpress.com. I am going to see how I like it, people say it is amazing, but I am kind of iffy. It took a really long time and I have this place down. I will give it a month, what do you say?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Susan G. Komen Hockey Night for the Cure!

The ice wasn't this neon looking pink, but is was amazing!

First off I just would like to say it was a BLAST!!! I haven't had that much fun/enjoyed a sports game like that in a really long time. We had the most amazing seat (Section 103) and we were only 20 rows away from the ice. I enjoyed watching all the locals that go to almost all the games. They were some very interested characters.  My goal for the next game is to figure out what tickets do you get to sit in the lazy boy type of chairs with a table/ledge/ your own Waitress.  Bonus is that I can't wait to sign up for the Susan G. Komen Walk here in San Antonio on April 30th! The game itself was very edge of your seat kind a good amount of the time, plus the HUGE crowd just made it perfect! It was posted that over 14,000 people went, the best part for me was that I could see all those people but I didn't feel over crowded.

I am not a big fan of new crowded places, I think that it is from working at Disney for so many years and being forced to work in small inclosed areas surrounded by tons of people I didn't know. A bonus that I didn't even realize until Carrie started talking about it, is that next Friday I will be back at the AT& T Center for the San Antonio Rodeo and watching Toby Keith. I am not a big concert person, but I am going with like 40 other people and am really looking forward to it. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What to do Breakfast?

Awake to another cold morning here in South Texas (38F) but so have all of you in the rest of the country. What are your plans for breakfast today? I have two ideas up for debate at the moment just due to me being tired and lazy. It's my Friday and I have a real weekend, in other words two days off in a row! Oh yeah! I was going to try and push it to three, but I have a dr's appointment on Monday morning so I figured four would be over the top and a waste. I am planning at the dr's office to ask about a dietitian to go to for all my questions of late. I love my dr's so much, we always get off topic and start talking about different healthy options in life. Yes, I know my dr's actually sits down and talks with me crazy idea but true. 

Breakfast option one: 

Target brand cinnamon bagel with butter/peanut butter. 


Bob Red Mill's Granola, Apple Cinnamon kind. I have been wanting to try it so I just bought it off of Amazon. It's very good, but I need more than the 1/2 cup serving yet I don't know what I should add to it. 

What do you think? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazing Dinner/Dessert coming right up!

This is from In Sweet Treatment's blog since my picture isn't working.
The twic pic below is of the amazing Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches I made last night! I know, it's as crazy as it sounds! I love carrot cake, which is odd because I am normally a chocolate or cheesecake only kind of girl. I went to a place in Tucson called Beyond Bread, and I was hooked. 

First for dinner though I made on of our favorite soups, Chicken and Gnocchi. It's so easy but so good, we make just the way the Food Network does, only we double it. What, I like to eat the same thing over and over again for a couple days if it that good, right? 

Hope this helps you to figure out what to do with your night! Have an amazing day! 

Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter

Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter

Monday, January 24, 2011


What to you think? 

I am very happy to say that my dryer got fixed today with NO problems, I was really worried because the company that came out to fix it has really bad ratings. I always check these kinds of things. I am going to make it a point tonight torate them a 5 star! My guy was amazing, funny, answered all of Jrod's questions and took his time to do it right even though we were his last stop of the day! I feel this company may be given a bad rap because ... well I just don't know. The other bonus of the day is that is was covered by warranty so it cost NOTHING! 

Now last night we stopped at Whole Foods, I know two Saturdays in a row what is up with that! I picked up an Emergen-C pink lemonade pack, because I LOVE pink lemonade.Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix,... My old boss swore up and down that these products were amazing, but has anyone else tried them? I feel that I might be behind in the times not having this before. Does it really work? If so I am going to stock up for Spring Break time! 

It's been an odd and amazing day working a half day and getting so much done. All I have left to do is dinner and I am going to make some carrot cake cookies because I bought a tons of carrots last Saturday and I can't let them go bad! Have to run Jrod is taking over my computer! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Living Room!

We have been on the look out for a new coffee table and end tables for months now, due to the ones we have were from my parents that we got when I was 12 yrs. old. They still look amazing though, but the wood is too light. We already have a good home in mind for them. We have been going out the past couple of days to all the furniture stores in the area, but today we hit the mother load! Copenhagen is having an EVERYTHING in the store is on sale!! I can't seem to find pictures of anything that we got, but it is coming at the end of next month so I will keep a look out. We also got an amazing FULL standing mirror, it is ... I don't have the words to describe it, a long with a side table for Jrod's man cave so he doesn't have to use a folding tray table anymore.  The craziness of everything I almost bought a PURPLE couch that would have gone in the man cave (Jrod's idea, mine was for the woman cave) it was leather and so nice, but I just couldn't do it. I am very thankful that Carrie gave me some web sites for beach themed furniture because that what I really want for the bedroom and woman cave. That was the adventure for today, had to work so not much else got done. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's been a day!

My goals today I thought were very easy; read, catch up on some of my t.v. shows, and wait for the dryer repair man. Instead I had a crazy day of getting everything ready for the homeless shelter (I think that I donated the most!), cleaning the house/all the new stuff I got from Amazon, and waiting for the dryer man. Speaking of Amazon did anyone get the amazing Living Social deal yesterday? I mean come on pay $10 for $20 on Amazon! That is amazing.

The best part of the day I feel was when Jrod started to go through his 3 giant boxes of papers to shred and finally found the receipt we were looking for. I had to call and cancel the dryer man then call Lowes and spend like 20 mins on the phone, now the dryer will be fixes on Monday. The people coming to fix it have very low ratings when you goggle them, but the people I had coming today has all 5 star reviews. Here is a question to you, is it worth not having to pay and getting bad service or paying and getting done right the first time? 

The next part of the day was stopping at an awesome art store for Jrod's school supplies, then battling traffic to go to furniture stores looking for a new coffee table and end tables. I found the perfect one, it just wasn't in our color we were looking for. It's so had to shop because I want a beachy or vintage look while Jrod is very modern. I can't really say anything because he buys it all, but if it is really bad I do speak up. Now don't get me wrong I love everything that he has picked out in the house, it's amazing. I already am starting to plan out our next house's kitchen/dining room, and I think that I am going to keep the bedroom the same color and all. The greatest part of my day was that for the first time in my life I got to try a 'HOT' Krispy Kreme donut! Did you know that they give you a free donut sample when you come in and the sign says 'Hot' it was AMAZING!!! One of the few times that my stomach hasn't hurt after eating on in a ever long time. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goals in my relationship

Yesterday while doing the mad dash cleaning of every square inch in the house looking for the dryer info I came across a very interesting piece of paper. When Jrod and I first started dating I made a list of everything I wanted to do with him/learn from him. This started in 2008, let's see how far we have gotten.

- Watch all the Bond movies (close but no)
-Watch Meet the Fockers (Jrod had never seen it before)
-Learn to drive stick ( I tried but I need to see the gear numbers and Jrod doesn't have that on his gear stick)
-Learn to swim (no go) 
-Lean to snorkel (what do you think?)
-More pictures together (I am going to say yes, but slacked huge in 2010)
-Eat Tofu and drink soy milk (done!)
-Sushi (no!)
-Running ( I feel a half marathon counts, yes?)
-Hiking (Many times over but not as much as I would like)
-Washington DC (Jrod went but I couldn't go because of my job)
-Video games (Check! Not as much as Jrod would like though)
-Board games (That was many fun nights with my parents!)
- Go to both Oceans (No for either, at least not together)
-Disney World (got it down, also hit up Universal too!)
-Get a picture of us standing up to show the height difference (oh yeah!)

Have you ever come across an old goals list or To do list? I really enjoy looking at them and seeing what kind of person I was at the moment in my life. Hope you all had an amazing day! The dryer is getting fixed tomorrow afternoon and I will be spending the morning redoing the pantry trying to stay warm. I am so excited to be off on an amazing cold day, pj's until Noon with a dash of baking going on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goals 2011

(I wish I had this as a poster I could look at while at my desk at work) 

I have been working on my Goals for 2011, it takes a long time and next year I think I will start in December. I found a great worksheet at Lululemon's Blog yesterday and I am going to print off and fill out. It's a great idea, and I love seeing what other's have as goals over the next 5-10 years. Here goes a quick list of what I would like to happen this coming year! 

1) Yoga- at least once a day, I feel so much better in the morning when I do it.
2) Working Out- again I feel so much better.
3) Life Plan- This I can't start until we find out what Jrod's orders are going to be.
4) Try one new thing a month- January: I made homemade chicken and rice soup from scratch with Kale in it. That's two things! 
5) Blog- need to do this more often
6) Go home to Erie! - This is a MUST it's been I think 5 yrs or more
7) Go to Disney 4 times- One down, three more to go!
8) Volunteer- I will get this done with work, I am hoping for the food bank again 
9) One of each = Baseball game and Hockey game- Hockey will be seen 1/28/11
10) Get a new pair of glasses- I am really bad at this
11) Set goals each month- Jan checked!
12) Finish four craft projects- I am thinking one a quarter, still working on my mountain bag.
13) Go on one vacation not to visit family
14) Run 4 5k's, and one half marathon- I think I am going to sign up for Austin's The Statesman 10K in March. 
15) Be able to touch my foot to my head while standing on the other foot- this will help with my yoga everyday goal. At the moment I can't even touch my toes.
16) Go back to school (see #3) or at least have a major picked out and set.- I have a couple ideas for this one, but I really want to talk with a dietitian first. I would love to help overweight kids/teenagers eat healthier. 
17) Garden- my front yard still looks great, back yard will be some work.
18) Make the third bedroom into a Woman cave! (see #3)
19) Organize the house- I have made HUGE steps towards that in the past week. I have 3 garage bags of clothes/sheets/etc for the homeless shelter and then 3 boxes for goodwill.
20) Eat dinner at the dining table 2 times a week at least. - This will be very hard with Jrod's school schedule. Lots of dinner's by myself it is looking like. 

I know it's a lot but telling everyone will help me push myself (in a good way) to make sure it's all done! What are your top 5 goals for 2011? 

What a day!

Last night as I was finishing up my post and getting ready for bed I had put my second load of wash in the dryer. I was tried, upset, and just wanted to crawl into bed. Well, it turns out that I didn't put the lint filter back in after I cleaned it. This morning when I went to try it on and make sure all my clothes were dry (my work clothes don't dry well) I couldn't get it to work. I open it up and notice that I am missing the filter. *oh crap!* was the first thought in my head. I got my kick butt lint stick and was able to fish out 3 socks and a pair of underwear. It still didn't work, so I thought I would wait and see if it fixed it's self while I was at work, it was a no go. So I had to tell Jrod when we got home, and he was not happy. We spent the next 3 hours looking for the warranty with no luck finding it. I am calling the repair service tomorrow, but what an adventure it was today. Please let my Electrolux be okay.

I think that best part was that I got to clean everything and I have been needing/wanting to clean/organize and shredded all of my papers. The bad part was that I came home early from work because my stomach and I are not friends at this moment. Dinner was killer tonight trying to get down homemade chicken soup from Monday. It keeps cramping up, really different parts of my abs do it at different times. I am really thinking it is from stress, because I was 150% stressed out most of Monday then didn't sleep do to it on Mon/Tues night and then crazy stressed out again on Tuesday. 

I have a dr's appointment on Monday the 31st and I am going to talk to her about a dietitian to talk to about everything going on in my food life. Has anyone ever been to one? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My day so far!

I am very excited to say that this was waiting for me when I got home today! We have been looking for a fruit basket to go into the kitchen for almost a year now, so happy. I am going to put all my amazing pink lady apples in it tonight! 

I am also happy to say that today went much better than I thought it would. I cleaned my computer desk, watched two NCIS    shows and packed an awesome lunch! At worked I cleaned from 9am until 5:30 pm that  is when I gave up, but I am almost done like another 2 hours tomorrow and that should knock it out of the park. I have 3 loads of wash to do tonight due to having no towels for the shower and no clothes for work tomorrow. I am also going to knock out the dishes before getting into normal clothes. It's Jrod's first day of school and we are hoping he gets out early so we can run to the store and pick up a couple of things. If not then pj time it is for me!! I am trying to push myself to get everything I need to get done during the week so on Friday I can just workout, play kinect, and read my newest book from Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Sounds like an amazing day right :) Yeah, I think so too! 


It is now 4:30 am and I have been up for a little over an hour. I know what you are thinking, do you have a plane to catch, are you driving somewhere for vacation. The answer I am sad to say is no. I am just stressed out and overwhelmed to the max. I can't sleep, I can't eat because it just makes me sick, and no matter how hard I try to climb out of this sand-trap that I find myself sinking into so fast I can't. 

I at home I have a plan and if I had time and a little help I could get it done, but I am just laying in bed thinking of everything that needs to be done and how I should just get up and do them now. I already feel like crap why just toss and turn all night and bother Jrod. So up I am and one of my cleaning/organizing projects is finished, or at least as done as it can be without making noise. I can't sleep knowing that what needs to be done is just below me downstairs while I lay in bed.

At work I am just stuck, my list keeps building; which I in no way mind but I need some help. When I try and divide up what needs to be done to my staff they say they do it but don't so my half my day is spent doing what they should have done on my day off. A good amount of the time I wander if I should even take days off. Why bother, it's just more work for me what I come back. I have a plate full already and I can't just get a giant project thrown on me that could be done over time and instead must be done in a day. All of my other work just gets pushed to the wayside and I have to pick something that is not going to get done by it's due date. I already know what it is going to be, and I will be getting yelled at for it but my other projects are more important, even if they don't see/understand it. I do have to say that at this time of the year I always get overwhelmed this year it is just much, much harder/more and almost double of what I normally get thrown to me. 

I LOVE my job, I have a Passion for my job, really how many people can say that. I just want to be able to do my job and work with amazing good people. I am a joke to most people to whom I work with and they have little or no respect at all for my job. It kind of beats you down after a while, then I interact with amazing people and realize that because of my job they are having a blast. This interaction always gets me through for a while until I just get overwhelmed again. 

I am mentally fried, I need like five days off where I am just home. I can get everything done I have to do, then I can do fun things too. 

Thanks for listening whoever you are.  Off to go and watch my panic attack movie and hopefully I can get 30-40 more minutes of sleep before Jrod gets up for work. This is going to be a very long day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


One of my favorite blogs that I found in 2010 was Then Heather Said! A couple of days ago she did a post called Whatcha Reading? I was very excited and as people started to post what they were reading or goals for the year of what to read I realized that they were all very deep books. They at least were for me :) I am a fluff kind of girl, for those who know me this is 100% true. Though in the past year I did read a record amount of non fluff, but I always come back to the fluff. Now fluff for me is funny romance or funny murder mysteries, odd I know but it makes me happy. I asked on twitter if I should post and add some fluff, well Heather answered back! I was very excited, and so I thought I would share some of the ones that I posted on her site. 

Jennifer Crusie- no lie you can't go wrong with a single one of her books

Meg Cabot- Her size 12 series= super fun! 

Susan Elizabeth Phillips-I really enjoy her books along with Crusie's books because they bring main characters back as smaller characters in other books. I enjoy how they connect characters you have already fall in love with together with new ones. I wouldn't read Honey Moon or  Hot Shot the rest are amazing.

Beth Ciotta- this book is out of print but you can find it in used bookstores really easy or at least in my town you can. This series is a laugh a minute and has you cheering Evie on the whole time.

Elaine Viets- has two series the dead end job one and the mystery shopper one. I have to say that I really enjoy both and that they come out at good times of the year. 

Susan Donovan- I found this book because it won an award for best romance ( I think) in 2006. I can't tell you how many times I have read this one, it will bring out what of whatever slump you are in. 

Kristan Higgins- I love every book she has written and can't wait for her next one! I cry my heart out at each one, but they all have happy endings.

Nancy Martin- The blackbird sisters mystery's, a very interesting bunch of characters. The series is worth it! 

I have more, but I think this will be good for now. What are your favorites that still sit on your bookshelf no matter how many times you clean it out to make room for more? 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dinner with the Girls

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Tonight I went to dinner at Stonewerks at the Alamo Quarry. I had an amazing 'cup' of soup which was really like a bowl of broccoli cream soup. My friend Angela got a 'bowl' it was bigger than my head! It was crazy!!! We had a blast talking about life, work, and Angela just moving here. I also found out some super exciting news but I am going to wait until they announce it for everyone first, but let me tell you it is going to be a first time a couple times over for me. *Hint, I need to go to the San Marcos Outlets / Tanger Outlets and hit up Cavenders Boot Outlet. Boo- yeah!! It was a crazy/fun day at work; laughed so hard I was crying kind of fun; now I am off to bed. This will be my second day that I get to sleep in at home this year! I think that listening to the rain is going to help too. I am looking forward to an easy Sunday, Jrod had wanted to go out and explore but the rain is going to stay around. Instead we are going to deep clean the bathrooms, mop the downstairs, and hit up Target for a couple items I couldn't find at Whole Foods tonight. I am excited for tomorrow I am going to make Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, lunch is going to be eggs and hashbrowns, and last dinner is going to be a new recipe I found for soup that had kale in it. I will post the link tomorrow for it along with some of my favorite books to read this time of year.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Detox? Your thoughts.

I have been seeing talk about Detox come up a lot over the different blogs I read lately. I am happy to say that they are all doing to learn something about their bodies not to lose weight. I feel that Detox for your body is an amazing idea, and I really going to start looking into it more. 

The two blogs that they talk about it the most is Cook, Bake, and Nibble along with one of my all time favorites The edible perspective. They both talk about the Dry Brushing Technique, which again I had never heard of, but once I started to research it I think that this might be a winner. What do you think about Detoxing? Have you tried it before? I really need to just reset my body. In 2009 I gave up HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) but in 2010 it came back into my life like a crazy man. Since summer I have been awful and stress and boredom eating non stone. I am gas and bloated some much of the time I can't stand it. 

On a side note ordered a bunch of fun things off of etsy today, I have to wait until they get where they are going before I let you in on the surprise. I am so excited for them though, also I am in a big debate over a fun felt flower pin if I should get it or not. I would wear it on a couple different sweaters/shirts that I own. My goal this year is to really revamp my closet/wardrobe and dress more like a grown up then a college student. 

On side note 2 I order a couple of groceries off of Amazon today. My friend Suzie says she does this all the time when I saw her in Florida. I thought that it was very interesting and wanted to try it out for myself. I got coconut water, Jrod's coffee for dirt cheap on sale, and some Bob Mill's Apple Granola I have been wanting to try. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Susan G. Komen Hockey Night for the Cure.

Last week while I was in Florida I got an awesome email from Carrie about a cause that is close to both of our hearts, breast cancer. Here in San Antonio they are already getting ready for the 5 k which is happening in April. All I have to say is that the tickets are already bought and will be in hand this weekend. It's a little bit earlier than last year, but I am hoping you can sign up at the game. I will 100% be getting the packet mailed to me this time. I love the amazing turn out of the 5K and all the money it raises! The only down side to last year's race was this woman in front of us on her cell phone while the NATIONAL ANTHEM was playing and her quote was: "Sorry I can't hear you over this loud music!!!" No lie I don't think she was American, and you should have seen all the people around us that turned and gave her the dirtiest looks EVER! It's an amazing cause and you don't have to be all about you during this hour of your life people. Grrr.. okay crazy vent over, here is the information. I would LOVE to meet up and see a bunch of you there!

This is the email she got and forwarded to me:

Subject: Gearing up for the 2011 Race for the Cure!

Susan G. Komen banner with logo
Forward to a FriendUpdate Your ProfileGet InvolvedDonateContact Us
Image for the banner backgroud
Dear Komen Friends,

With your help, in 2010 the San Antonio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure invested more than $1.25 million in breast cancer screening, treatment, education and research.  Revenues generated by Race and other special events support local nonprofits providing life-saving services for the medically underserved of our community.  This would not have been possible without the incredible support of our Race participants!

The San Antonio Rampage have partnered with
Komen to host Pink in the Rink Night on Friday,
January 28, 2011, at 7 p.m. To get motivated for the 2011 Race (April 30th), let’s “Pink Out the Rink” and bring everyone together for some camaraderie and raise additional dollars for Komen.

For the first time in Rampage history, the entire ice surface will be dyed pink to signify breast health awareness. $5 from each Charter seat, $3 from each Plaza seat and $1 from each Fan Zone seat sold will be donated to the Komen San Antonio Affiliate.

Rampage players will wear one-of-a kind pink themed jerseys to be auctioned to the public immediately following the game.  Fifty percent of proceeds from the auction will benefit the San Antonio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  For more information or to download a printable flyer, click here.

Be the first to purchase your tickets or get more information by calling a Rampage representative at 210-444-5959. To order online, select Find Tickets then enter Special Offer Code {KOMEN} after you click here to register and follow a few easy steps:

1) Create a new account (or log in to your existing one)
2) Pick your seats and location
3) Enter your billing information and print tickets at home (No Ticketmaster Fees)

Look forward to seeing you there!

Go to komensanantonio.org
Update email preferences  |  Unsubscribe  |  Forward to a friend  |  Visit our web site 

San Antonio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
P. O. Box 6678, San Antonio, Texas 78209 

Phone: 210-222-9009 · Fax: 210-222-9766 · Email: info@sakomen.net

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working on my inspiration board

Over the past couple weeks some of my favorite bloggers have been doing inspiration boards, and I am on track to start one this weekend. I know that I am running behind but the whole Florida visit has thrown me for a loop. I have a lot on my plate in home life and work life and I really need to get on track with both of them. I feel a board is the way to go this year. I use to have a memory board that I made that hung in my apartment for many years, but once we moved into the house I don't know where is went to. My guess is the trash, truth be told. 

Here is the blog that started me into inspiration boards, I hope that you enjoy Gina The Fitnessista as much as I do! 

I have really been getting back into podcast again, just because I love how much you can learn right in your our home. One of my all time favorite's is Kimberly Wilson The Hip Tranquil Chick, if you want help starting on a path to figure out who you are and really finding yourself I would start here. She has a book also called The Hip Tranquil Chick which I re-read about 2-3 times a year. I read it when I am at a cross roads in life and need help centering myself again. 
She does regular workshops and online chats that I really would like to be a part of, but my crazy schedule just won't let me.  Hope you all find some hope/inspiration for the coming year, or at least two new blogs to follow! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite new sweater!

Petite Striped Boat Neck Tunic

The Tuesday before Christmas I kind of freaked out a little and didn't think that I had gotten Jrod, well really anything for Christmas but a beanie hat and slippers. It was off on an early morning trip to the outdoor La Cantera mall here in San Antonio. I went from store to store picking up fun things that he had talked about the past couple of months when I walked past Ann Taylor Loft. I LOVE this store for I have NO upper body what so ever ( I love having no boobs) and they have petite clothes that fit and look amazing on me! I got all my 30th birthday presents from the Loft this year and that is how I fell in love with this store. Well, on this day it happened to be 40% off EVERYTHING in the store including clothes that had just come in that week! I took one look at the boat neck (it is my favorite shirt cut of all time) and knew I had to have it. Now, you are thinking why am I writing about this now. This past weekend was the first time that I got to wear it and I looked better with in on around the parks then in the store! I felt and looked like a woman who had it together instead of my normal rag tag thrown together look. One of my goals this year is to look more put together when going out, thank you Stacey and Clinton! I am going to be 31 soon and I should start looking like it instead of looking like a bum. Hope you love this sweater too, and if you are petite stop over at the Loft for they have non looking old lady clothes that fit us perfect! What more could you ask for from a store?!?

2011 so far!

I have had an amazing and crazy 2011 so far. I worked an 18.5 hrs day (NYE/NYD) then slept for 3 hrs, and finally went back to work for another 10 hr day. I worked straight up until Wed. when the plan was to fly out to Orlando, sleep, then early Th. drive down and surprise my Dad as a late 60th birthday gift. On Tuesday I called my Mom at work and she wasn't there, next I tried calling and calling the house, her cell, and my dad's cell. Finally after almost 2 hours I got a hold of my Dad and my Mom had gone to the Dr.'s were she collapsed right before leaving. She was then taken to the E.R. were she was for a great many hours. She has adult whopping cough and severe dehydration.  The time between the talk with my Dad and the call from my Mom saying that she was out, I changed my flight around and moved it up 12 hrs earlier. I landed and drove straight there, to surprise both my parents. I am very happy to say that my Mom is doing better, but still needs to take it easy. 

I had an amazing time in South Florida with my parents, just being a bum watching movies and playing video games. I bought them Bookworm and 7 Wonders for the Nintendo DS. They loved them, once we figured out how to work them. On Friday I drove up to Orlando so I could cheer on my amazing friend Suzie as she ran her first half marathon. If you remember she was waiting for us at the end of Jrod, Karen, and mine first half in October. She did amazing, and she totally beat my time (which Jrod thought was very the best!) We spend the rest of the weekend just bumming around Disney World and I loved it. 

This weekend made me really rethink about a good chunk of my life. I am in love with the most amazing man, have an amazing house, car paid off, and then what? I have a good job where I make good money, but am I as happy as I was when I had a good job and made almost no money. The answer is easy, no. I love my job here, it is my passion and I understand how lucky I am to be able to work at my passion. Though are the long hours, no friends (Carrie and Jen I love you both tons but due to my job I never get to see you), being thought of as a joke/ no respect by most people at my work, never getting to spend time with my family/ jrod on holidays (I work all holidays), is it really worth it? 

It's a double edge sword, and to add to the mix I just found out that if we are extended to stay here we won't move until January of 2013. That will mean that I will have been in Texas almost 6 years, with no family or friends that I get to see on a regular time; I am lucky if I see Carrie 3 times a year. I came here to start over, and I have. I have dug myself out of the giant hole I had gotten myself into thanks to the help of Jrod, found the love of my life again with the help of Jrod, and am going to try to research a couple different paths of my next step in life. 

What's on your mind with this new year upon us?