Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goals in my relationship

Yesterday while doing the mad dash cleaning of every square inch in the house looking for the dryer info I came across a very interesting piece of paper. When Jrod and I first started dating I made a list of everything I wanted to do with him/learn from him. This started in 2008, let's see how far we have gotten.

- Watch all the Bond movies (close but no)
-Watch Meet the Fockers (Jrod had never seen it before)
-Learn to drive stick ( I tried but I need to see the gear numbers and Jrod doesn't have that on his gear stick)
-Learn to swim (no go) 
-Lean to snorkel (what do you think?)
-More pictures together (I am going to say yes, but slacked huge in 2010)
-Eat Tofu and drink soy milk (done!)
-Sushi (no!)
-Running ( I feel a half marathon counts, yes?)
-Hiking (Many times over but not as much as I would like)
-Washington DC (Jrod went but I couldn't go because of my job)
-Video games (Check! Not as much as Jrod would like though)
-Board games (That was many fun nights with my parents!)
- Go to both Oceans (No for either, at least not together)
-Disney World (got it down, also hit up Universal too!)
-Get a picture of us standing up to show the height difference (oh yeah!)

Have you ever come across an old goals list or To do list? I really enjoy looking at them and seeing what kind of person I was at the moment in my life. Hope you all had an amazing day! The dryer is getting fixed tomorrow afternoon and I will be spending the morning redoing the pantry trying to stay warm. I am so excited to be off on an amazing cold day, pj's until Noon with a dash of baking going on.

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