Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goals 2011

(I wish I had this as a poster I could look at while at my desk at work) 

I have been working on my Goals for 2011, it takes a long time and next year I think I will start in December. I found a great worksheet at Lululemon's Blog yesterday and I am going to print off and fill out. It's a great idea, and I love seeing what other's have as goals over the next 5-10 years. Here goes a quick list of what I would like to happen this coming year! 

1) Yoga- at least once a day, I feel so much better in the morning when I do it.
2) Working Out- again I feel so much better.
3) Life Plan- This I can't start until we find out what Jrod's orders are going to be.
4) Try one new thing a month- January: I made homemade chicken and rice soup from scratch with Kale in it. That's two things! 
5) Blog- need to do this more often
6) Go home to Erie! - This is a MUST it's been I think 5 yrs or more
7) Go to Disney 4 times- One down, three more to go!
8) Volunteer- I will get this done with work, I am hoping for the food bank again 
9) One of each = Baseball game and Hockey game- Hockey will be seen 1/28/11
10) Get a new pair of glasses- I am really bad at this
11) Set goals each month- Jan checked!
12) Finish four craft projects- I am thinking one a quarter, still working on my mountain bag.
13) Go on one vacation not to visit family
14) Run 4 5k's, and one half marathon- I think I am going to sign up for Austin's The Statesman 10K in March. 
15) Be able to touch my foot to my head while standing on the other foot- this will help with my yoga everyday goal. At the moment I can't even touch my toes.
16) Go back to school (see #3) or at least have a major picked out and set.- I have a couple ideas for this one, but I really want to talk with a dietitian first. I would love to help overweight kids/teenagers eat healthier. 
17) Garden- my front yard still looks great, back yard will be some work.
18) Make the third bedroom into a Woman cave! (see #3)
19) Organize the house- I have made HUGE steps towards that in the past week. I have 3 garage bags of clothes/sheets/etc for the homeless shelter and then 3 boxes for goodwill.
20) Eat dinner at the dining table 2 times a week at least. - This will be very hard with Jrod's school schedule. Lots of dinner's by myself it is looking like. 

I know it's a lot but telling everyone will help me push myself (in a good way) to make sure it's all done! What are your top 5 goals for 2011? 

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Liesbeth Pauwels said...

nice goals.. i think you can challenge yourself even more and achieve more than you think you are capable of!!!!
my top 5 goals for 2011:
1) finish my undergrad degree at ubc
2) work at Lululemon as an educator
3) get certified TPI trainer
4) workout/do yoga 5 days a week and loose 5lbs
5) speak basic German