Sunday, December 9, 2007


So,, I just got done watching Knocked Up and I didn't find it really that funny after the beginning. I know you are thinking... what!! this was a great movie, this was what my life would have been like five years ago. Though I know it wouldn't have had the happy ending that this one did. I can see life through many different characters in movies and t.v. I was Pam in the Jim/Pam relationship on The Office, to a T, I was Pam and my old bosses name was Michael S. I haven't watched the show since everything in my real life situation went bad, it just hurts too much. Yesterday i was talking with a friend about the movie Garden State, again a movie tons of people love and the two people I went with cried at it... and I didn't. Just so you know I used to cry at everything!! I mean Hallmark commercials, Harry Potter Movies, I was so bad that for King Kong I cried for like 20 mins. No tears for Garden State.. why... because again I have lived through stuff like that in my life. I don't know what is wrong sometimes in my life and I am glad that I have moved away from everyone and everything, just because I am finding myself and I am going to be ready when Mr. Right comes along. I won't be thinking that I never lived because I have had tons of chances and took some but not enough. I am ready though for my next big adventure whatever it is and wherever it may lead me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Today was one of those very rare stressful days at work. In my line of work the normally only happen around holidays, planning holidays, or summer. The rest of the year I read books and watch movies the whole time. I'm so excited to be home and getting ready to watch the Victoria Secret show, I taped it. This week's author is another one of my almost never a miss one. Susan Elizabeth Phillips, she can hit them out of the ballpark! Her almost always close to 400 pages and they still are too short for how much you will fall in love with the characters. Your first book from her should either be It Had To Be You, which starts us off on seven book series in which you will see characters over and over again along with it being about football players. I am a big fan of football and bigger fan of hockey.. drool... I love hockey players! The other book is First Lady, it's about a widowed first lady and a adventure she goes on. Both are very good, I have to warn you though This Heart of Mine is my least favorite out of the football series. The books that aren't in the football series are also kind of iffy... I don't like historical novels but tried hers. I do like Kiss an Angel and Lady Be Good, the others don't do it!! I haven't read Ain't She Sweet, that is next on my list. I hope this helps a little, I still want to hear what your favorites are!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Soundtrack of Your life!

Today I got to thinking about soundtracks in movies, plus I woke up with a song from Hairspray in my head that I haven't heard in months. First off though, before the music I got a comment about another place to rent books called I am so going to check them out! I love books! Love, love, love them! Okay... so you know how one ITunes they have your top 25 most played, look at them... would they be the soundtrack of your life at this moment? or have you changed? I looked at mine and am plotting on how to knock off 4 songs with ones that I am really into now. My top 25 at the moment is a very big mix of songs that don't have any rhythm or reason to them. I can't explain them all but most of them either make me feel better, not so sad about starting over far from friends and family, smile, or make me dance. This is in no order, and i would LOVE to know what your top 25 are and a couple reasons behind them.

Hey There Delilah, Our Song, Phone Call #27, At Last, Save the Last Dance for Me, Popular, Love Song, 1234, Not Big, Better Together, Stickshifts and Safteybelts, I Don't Want Alot for Christmas (the love actually soundtrack one), Omigod You Guys, What You Want, All My Friends Say, Baby, It's Cold Outside, Everythings Just Wonderful, Vacation, Spirit in the Sky, any and all songs by Zefrank, All My Loving, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Ave Maria, The Lady is A Tramp, The Girl from Ipanema, and All You Need is Love.

Yes, I know that's 26 but ITunes doesn't count the Zefrank songs, even though they rule! Hindsight is 20/20 and When I'm scared are my two favorites.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Muffins v.s. Doughnuts

"Doughnut?" Davy said.
Nadine sighed and opened a cupboard, taking down a loaf of whole wheat. "According to Grandma, there are two kinds of men in the world, doughnuts and muffins."
"Is there anybody in your family who's sane?"
"Define 'sane'." Nadine dropped two pieces of bread in Gwen's yellow Fiesta toaster.
"Never mind," Davy said. "Doughnuts and muffins."
"Doughnuts are the guys that make you drool," Nadine said, taking a jar of peanut butter from the cupboard. "They're gorgeous and crispy and covered with chocolate icing and you see one and you have to have it, and if you don't get it, you think about it all day and then you go back for it anyway because it's a doughnut."
"Put some toast in for me when yours is done," Davy said, suddenly ravenous.
Nadine pushed the bakery bag toward him. "There are pineapple-orange muffins in there."
Davy fished one out. "You have a thing for pineapple-orange?"
"We have a thing for tangy," Nadine said. "We like the twist."
"I picked that up," Davy said."So doughnuts make you drool."
"Right. Whereas muffins just sort of sit there all lumpy, looking alike, no chocolate icing at all."
"And while muffins may be excellent," Nadine went on "especially the pineapple- orange ones, they're no doughnuts."
" So doughnuts are good." Davy said, trying to keep up with the conversation.
"Well, yeah, for one night,"....

What will happen with the doughnuts and muffins thoughts?? for the rest you have to go out and buy Faking It by Jennifer Crusie. I tell you worth every penny and more! Also because I am behind in my post, I will have another author for you this week! I hope you like my kitty, his name is Munch, he was the runt of the litter not anymore. Tomorrow will be music day, hope you have a good night! Remember a couple weeks to a new year and hopefully Heros will get better, or at least start to really leave you with cliff hangers that make you think.