Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Soundtrack of Your life!

Today I got to thinking about soundtracks in movies, plus I woke up with a song from Hairspray in my head that I haven't heard in months. First off though, before the music I got a comment about another place to rent books called www.bookswim.com. I am so going to check them out! I love books! Love, love, love them! Okay... so you know how one ITunes they have your top 25 most played, look at them... would they be the soundtrack of your life at this moment? or have you changed? I looked at mine and am plotting on how to knock off 4 songs with ones that I am really into now. My top 25 at the moment is a very big mix of songs that don't have any rhythm or reason to them. I can't explain them all but most of them either make me feel better, not so sad about starting over far from friends and family, smile, or make me dance. This is in no order, and i would LOVE to know what your top 25 are and a couple reasons behind them.

Hey There Delilah, Our Song, Phone Call #27, At Last, Save the Last Dance for Me, Popular, Love Song, 1234, Not Big, Better Together, Stickshifts and Safteybelts, I Don't Want Alot for Christmas (the love actually soundtrack one), Omigod You Guys, What You Want, All My Friends Say, Baby, It's Cold Outside, Everythings Just Wonderful, Vacation, Spirit in the Sky, any and all songs by Zefrank, All My Loving, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Ave Maria, The Lady is A Tramp, The Girl from Ipanema, and All You Need is Love.

Yes, I know that's 26 but ITunes doesn't count the Zefrank songs, even though they rule! Hindsight is 20/20 and When I'm scared are my two favorites.

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