Sunday, December 9, 2007


So,, I just got done watching Knocked Up and I didn't find it really that funny after the beginning. I know you are thinking... what!! this was a great movie, this was what my life would have been like five years ago. Though I know it wouldn't have had the happy ending that this one did. I can see life through many different characters in movies and t.v. I was Pam in the Jim/Pam relationship on The Office, to a T, I was Pam and my old bosses name was Michael S. I haven't watched the show since everything in my real life situation went bad, it just hurts too much. Yesterday i was talking with a friend about the movie Garden State, again a movie tons of people love and the two people I went with cried at it... and I didn't. Just so you know I used to cry at everything!! I mean Hallmark commercials, Harry Potter Movies, I was so bad that for King Kong I cried for like 20 mins. No tears for Garden State.. why... because again I have lived through stuff like that in my life. I don't know what is wrong sometimes in my life and I am glad that I have moved away from everyone and everything, just because I am finding myself and I am going to be ready when Mr. Right comes along. I won't be thinking that I never lived because I have had tons of chances and took some but not enough. I am ready though for my next big adventure whatever it is and wherever it may lead me.

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