Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new year, new ???

So it's a new year... what I am going to do this year? As one of my favorite songs says; 'My mind's not perfect but it's sincere. You'd be amazed what you can achieve in a year. This got me thinking... my year is completely different that most people's. My year starts in May, that is when my contract runs out where I work. What will I have achieved in this year of leaving everyone behind.. did I find myself? did I take the steps I wanted to in my career? have a done all my goals that I set for me? let alone what are my goals? That is what I am going to do this week, along with writing new year's cards, good bye cards, miss you cards, and working on a project for my cousin's new baby. I know that a couple of my goals need to me like where i am going once May comes around, what I need to do to fit into my fav. pair of pants again, and how to budget well everything. I have been listening to Hip Tranquil Chick podcast and re-reading Kimberly Wilson's book with the same title. Also I have been listening to lots of the view, lilly allen, kate nash, feist, and lastly the legally blonde the broadway musical soundtrack. Very odd mix I know... but I just moved a bed (finally! sleeping on a air mattress for 8 months is odd, but last night I couldn't sleep because the bed is too high) and a giant entertainment center into my life. While cleaning the apt. for people to come into it, I started thinking that I might as well start packing again too. I still have about 7 boxes still packed, so we will work from there. Hope today finds you all well! Oh! You need to read Susan Mallery's Saving Gracie! I just got it today and read it... now just waiting for tomorrow to buy the new Stephanie Plum book!

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