Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazing Dinner/Dessert coming right up!

This is from In Sweet Treatment's blog since my picture isn't working.
The twic pic below is of the amazing Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches I made last night! I know, it's as crazy as it sounds! I love carrot cake, which is odd because I am normally a chocolate or cheesecake only kind of girl. I went to a place in Tucson called Beyond Bread, and I was hooked. 

First for dinner though I made on of our favorite soups, Chicken and Gnocchi. It's so easy but so good, we make just the way the Food Network does, only we double it. What, I like to eat the same thing over and over again for a couple days if it that good, right? 

Hope this helps you to figure out what to do with your night! Have an amazing day! 

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