Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dinner with the Girls

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Tonight I went to dinner at Stonewerks at the Alamo Quarry. I had an amazing 'cup' of soup which was really like a bowl of broccoli cream soup. My friend Angela got a 'bowl' it was bigger than my head! It was crazy!!! We had a blast talking about life, work, and Angela just moving here. I also found out some super exciting news but I am going to wait until they announce it for everyone first, but let me tell you it is going to be a first time a couple times over for me. *Hint, I need to go to the San Marcos Outlets / Tanger Outlets and hit up Cavenders Boot Outlet. Boo- yeah!! It was a crazy/fun day at work; laughed so hard I was crying kind of fun; now I am off to bed. This will be my second day that I get to sleep in at home this year! I think that listening to the rain is going to help too. I am looking forward to an easy Sunday, Jrod had wanted to go out and explore but the rain is going to stay around. Instead we are going to deep clean the bathrooms, mop the downstairs, and hit up Target for a couple items I couldn't find at Whole Foods tonight. I am excited for tomorrow I am going to make Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, lunch is going to be eggs and hashbrowns, and last dinner is going to be a new recipe I found for soup that had kale in it. I will post the link tomorrow for it along with some of my favorite books to read this time of year.

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