Friday, January 21, 2011

It's been a day!

My goals today I thought were very easy; read, catch up on some of my t.v. shows, and wait for the dryer repair man. Instead I had a crazy day of getting everything ready for the homeless shelter (I think that I donated the most!), cleaning the house/all the new stuff I got from Amazon, and waiting for the dryer man. Speaking of Amazon did anyone get the amazing Living Social deal yesterday? I mean come on pay $10 for $20 on Amazon! That is amazing.

The best part of the day I feel was when Jrod started to go through his 3 giant boxes of papers to shred and finally found the receipt we were looking for. I had to call and cancel the dryer man then call Lowes and spend like 20 mins on the phone, now the dryer will be fixes on Monday. The people coming to fix it have very low ratings when you goggle them, but the people I had coming today has all 5 star reviews. Here is a question to you, is it worth not having to pay and getting bad service or paying and getting done right the first time? 

The next part of the day was stopping at an awesome art store for Jrod's school supplies, then battling traffic to go to furniture stores looking for a new coffee table and end tables. I found the perfect one, it just wasn't in our color we were looking for. It's so had to shop because I want a beachy or vintage look while Jrod is very modern. I can't really say anything because he buys it all, but if it is really bad I do speak up. Now don't get me wrong I love everything that he has picked out in the house, it's amazing. I already am starting to plan out our next house's kitchen/dining room, and I think that I am going to keep the bedroom the same color and all. The greatest part of my day was that for the first time in my life I got to try a 'HOT' Krispy Kreme donut! Did you know that they give you a free donut sample when you come in and the sign says 'Hot' it was AMAZING!!! One of the few times that my stomach hasn't hurt after eating on in a ever long time. 

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