Thursday, January 27, 2011

What to do Breakfast?

Awake to another cold morning here in South Texas (38F) but so have all of you in the rest of the country. What are your plans for breakfast today? I have two ideas up for debate at the moment just due to me being tired and lazy. It's my Friday and I have a real weekend, in other words two days off in a row! Oh yeah! I was going to try and push it to three, but I have a dr's appointment on Monday morning so I figured four would be over the top and a waste. I am planning at the dr's office to ask about a dietitian to go to for all my questions of late. I love my dr's so much, we always get off topic and start talking about different healthy options in life. Yes, I know my dr's actually sits down and talks with me crazy idea but true. 

Breakfast option one: 

Target brand cinnamon bagel with butter/peanut butter. 


Bob Red Mill's Granola, Apple Cinnamon kind. I have been wanting to try it so I just bought it off of Amazon. It's very good, but I need more than the 1/2 cup serving yet I don't know what I should add to it. 

What do you think? 

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