Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite new sweater!

Petite Striped Boat Neck Tunic

The Tuesday before Christmas I kind of freaked out a little and didn't think that I had gotten Jrod, well really anything for Christmas but a beanie hat and slippers. It was off on an early morning trip to the outdoor La Cantera mall here in San Antonio. I went from store to store picking up fun things that he had talked about the past couple of months when I walked past Ann Taylor Loft. I LOVE this store for I have NO upper body what so ever ( I love having no boobs) and they have petite clothes that fit and look amazing on me! I got all my 30th birthday presents from the Loft this year and that is how I fell in love with this store. Well, on this day it happened to be 40% off EVERYTHING in the store including clothes that had just come in that week! I took one look at the boat neck (it is my favorite shirt cut of all time) and knew I had to have it. Now, you are thinking why am I writing about this now. This past weekend was the first time that I got to wear it and I looked better with in on around the parks then in the store! I felt and looked like a woman who had it together instead of my normal rag tag thrown together look. One of my goals this year is to look more put together when going out, thank you Stacey and Clinton! I am going to be 31 soon and I should start looking like it instead of looking like a bum. Hope you love this sweater too, and if you are petite stop over at the Loft for they have non looking old lady clothes that fit us perfect! What more could you ask for from a store?!?

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