Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 so far!

I have had an amazing and crazy 2011 so far. I worked an 18.5 hrs day (NYE/NYD) then slept for 3 hrs, and finally went back to work for another 10 hr day. I worked straight up until Wed. when the plan was to fly out to Orlando, sleep, then early Th. drive down and surprise my Dad as a late 60th birthday gift. On Tuesday I called my Mom at work and she wasn't there, next I tried calling and calling the house, her cell, and my dad's cell. Finally after almost 2 hours I got a hold of my Dad and my Mom had gone to the Dr.'s were she collapsed right before leaving. She was then taken to the E.R. were she was for a great many hours. She has adult whopping cough and severe dehydration.  The time between the talk with my Dad and the call from my Mom saying that she was out, I changed my flight around and moved it up 12 hrs earlier. I landed and drove straight there, to surprise both my parents. I am very happy to say that my Mom is doing better, but still needs to take it easy. 

I had an amazing time in South Florida with my parents, just being a bum watching movies and playing video games. I bought them Bookworm and 7 Wonders for the Nintendo DS. They loved them, once we figured out how to work them. On Friday I drove up to Orlando so I could cheer on my amazing friend Suzie as she ran her first half marathon. If you remember she was waiting for us at the end of Jrod, Karen, and mine first half in October. She did amazing, and she totally beat my time (which Jrod thought was very the best!) We spend the rest of the weekend just bumming around Disney World and I loved it. 

This weekend made me really rethink about a good chunk of my life. I am in love with the most amazing man, have an amazing house, car paid off, and then what? I have a good job where I make good money, but am I as happy as I was when I had a good job and made almost no money. The answer is easy, no. I love my job here, it is my passion and I understand how lucky I am to be able to work at my passion. Though are the long hours, no friends (Carrie and Jen I love you both tons but due to my job I never get to see you), being thought of as a joke/ no respect by most people at my work, never getting to spend time with my family/ jrod on holidays (I work all holidays), is it really worth it? 

It's a double edge sword, and to add to the mix I just found out that if we are extended to stay here we won't move until January of 2013. That will mean that I will have been in Texas almost 6 years, with no family or friends that I get to see on a regular time; I am lucky if I see Carrie 3 times a year. I came here to start over, and I have. I have dug myself out of the giant hole I had gotten myself into thanks to the help of Jrod, found the love of my life again with the help of Jrod, and am going to try to research a couple different paths of my next step in life. 

What's on your mind with this new year upon us? 

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