Thursday, December 30, 2010

When I hit my first goal, what my prize will be.

As you know from earlier post I am have a workout/ weight loss goal to hit by the start of March. I figure that I can lose 10 lbs by then, and have my program set at that pace. My overall goal is 20 lbs, but I would like to hit that by June. I had been researching Le Creuset dutch ovens for a while now, but with the Christmas season in full swing they along with Kitchenaid Stand mixers were being given away all over the food world blogs. I found that most people say that the 5.5 qt. one will be great for everything and you don't really need a bigger size.

The link above takes you to the Amazon site for this idea ... price tagged at $235. I went to the outlets yesterday ( you can tell by my new Coach items in yesterday's post) and they had the same one for $185!! I know what you are thinking that isn't really that big of a deal, well the 4 qt on was $99!!! That is right people $99 for this amazing oven! Truth be told I can't really get over it, and I am very upset with myself that I didn't buy it then and there. Though I feel that we really do need to have something special in the wings for when we reach a point in our over all goals in life.

What goals do you have for the upcoming year? I am going to work on my list next week when I have time to focus on me again and not only my job. I have a couple ideas in mind, but I don't want to give away the final list. I also want to make a inspiration board. I got the idea from The Fitnessista. I really enjoy her blog, she has lived in Orlando (where I use to live) and just moved back to her hometown of Tucson (where Jrod is from). I think I enjoy that I can relate to her in a lot of ways, learn in many others, and am inspired too.

It's going to be a very crazy next couple of days at my work, but I am REALLY looking forward to them. I will go to work at 8am and hoping to be home by 4pm on Jan 1st. Yes, you are reading this correct and no I didn't type it in wrong, 4pm on 1/1/11. Crazy, I know, but this is my passion and you do crazy things for your passion.

Hope you all have an AMAZING New Year's Eve and please be very careful/ safe whatever you are planning on doing. See you in the New Year!!

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