Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting My Weight Lose Adventures!

I just wanted to say that I started working out today!! I did my plan that I had talked about early this month of 30 mins of Yogamazing then moving straight into Kettlenetics. I was sweating like crazy and I realized how badly I am out of shape. I ate okay today, knowing that work is going to be my downfall. I have TONS of junk food at my finger tips and the food options we have aren't very healthy for us. It's really a hit or miss about how good for us it is. I need to try and figure what food I can bring to work, thinking that I am there for breakfast, lunch, and snack. I live off of Healthy Choice pasta at the moment, but I am really bored with it. What do you do for a healthy meal/snack at work? I have a microwave, frig, and freezer to use/store my food in.

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