Sunday, December 19, 2010

A World of Keflings!!!

What my plan for Wednesday is:

I am beyond excited! That is why I spent my Sunday cleaning, and then Tuesday finishing everything for the holiday season. I will do a full day of work on Wednesday and then come home to download the new NinjaBee game: A World of Keflings! This is my game, and now that I have finished Plants vs Zombies; which is another amazing game. Plants is brought to us by PopCap the same people who have given us Zuma, Bookworm, and Feeding Frenzy. Got to LOVE them! Cake Mania is also one of my downfalls, but I can only play it on the Nintendo DSi.

I am all about video games at the moment, for we just finished watching the Video Game Awards that was on Spike TV while we were on vacation. I am sad with the writing of it, for I know that most of the presenters could be much funnier than they made them. I was very excited though to see Nathan Fillion present though. I would like to say that I feel he should have been cast as Nathan Drake for the Uncharted movie. Okay, I am done with the video game talk for now. I think that I will work on Cake Mania 3 while finishing listening to Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, it's the end that I love.

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