Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazing Breakfast!

Rise and Shine!! Up super early to go to Walmart for some food and items we were missing for our crazy baking adventure! We added Gingerbread cookies to our list over the next two days. Jrod has to take a final tomorrow night and I think that we are going to be baking while he does.

Now to talk about the amazing breakfast that we are cooking at the moment. We are just using left overs to make an egg/homemade hash brown/cheesy master piece. Then I made my super treat that I have only ever made once before because I ate them all myself. You take the refrigerated Crescent rolls and instead of putting hot dogs/cheese into them, you put in sausage. Then to make it worse you dip them into Maple Syrup!! It is crazy let me tell you.

The plan for the day is now mall, Trader Joe's, and then the baking excitement starts. On the list is still Pumpkin Pie (which I never get to have), Gingerbread cookies, homemade fudge with pecans (amazing!), and then I saw a recipe from WhatsGabyCooking...White Chocolate with Carmel filled Cookie Muffins. Hopefully pictures to come of our adventure!

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