Monday, December 13, 2010


I am very happy to say that after an amazing LONG, FOREVER drive yesterday we made it back home. The cats had trashed the downstairs, it took about 40 mins to clean up and that doesn't included the couch which I saved for today. I am very proud to say though that everything got put away last night as soon as we got home! All but Trader Joe's, I am going to redo the pantry this week. This is very rare for me, it usually takes like a week for me to unpack. Going to try out my new Bissell pet remover today on the couch, I am very excited, it got good reviews on the web site and they all had long haired cats.

I have to run.. we need food in this house ASAP! Thank's to the weather; a high of 60 today!; we are going to be having slow cooker chicken tortilla soup for dinner. Oh yeah, I love some soup with avocado on it! I am going to still with the usual dinners this week, but I bought one cookbook and one diet book both which I am going to start next week. I figured it would be good to let my body calm down and just bust through this week. Talk with you later!

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