Friday, December 10, 2010

Arizona Adventures!

Good Evening! Today has been a crazy long amazing day! We were up and out the door a little before 9am so we could go on a 'real' hike. Jrod has decided that in Texas we don't have any really hiking and after today I am with him, or at least we haven't found it yet. This morning we went with Jrod's friend on a 7 mile hike to Sabino Canyon on the Bear Canyon trail. It was amazing, now I just have to figure out how to move the pictures from the camera to the computer before we get home. Let's hope I can figure it out.

After words we did the tradition of getting a beer and hot wings at Thunder Canyon Brewery. We ate, talked, laughed on the outdoor patio for over 3 hours! We had more friends join us and it was just a blast! I just would like to say on a side note that the outdoor heater there are AMAZING and really work, which I have never found before.

We are now in the middle of a Kinect challenge, we did bowling, ping pong, and now boxing. I am really excited about Boxing because jrod feels that I cheat because I whip him every time! I beat him and one of his friends, but his other friend killed ALL of us! It is the best video game that I have ever played, let me tell you!

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