Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where in the world!?@

Hello wonderful! I am in the home of the Wildcats! That is right we made the drive in 12 hours and our first stop on the tour was Eegee's. Now if you have never been to AZ you must stop at one of these sub shops! They have these icee things, that change flavor every month; this month it is Hollyberry (it's like a sweet tart on crack) and a pizza pretzel that this lady dreams about at night.

Today was a night easy bum day for we only made 3 stops, one of which was Eegee's again and the other that I am very excited about was Bookmans which is an amazing used book/DVD/video games/boardgames/etc store. I could easily spend hours in it, and I have before on other trips. Yesterday we stopped at REI and I got a kick ass jacket, let me tell you! It's white with a FUR hoodie, I am loving it!! It is a lot more than I wanted to spend, but I am going to take back the jacket I got at JCPenny's the other week and then I joined REI's co-op and every year you get a check mailed to you for 15% of all you spend at the stores or online. Which is wonderful for me because the closes store back home is in Austin, though I have no problem's making that drive to hit up REI which is right across the street from Whole Foods.

Speaking of Whole Foods, I am looking forward to an amazing day tomorrow! We are going to Trader Joe's for our yearly stock up! Our first stop, after I go food shopping with Jrod's mom is.... Millie's Pancake Haus! No lie, it is so FUN on the inside and they have potato pancakes to die for! The real ones are so hard to find, well at least they are in south Texas.

I am off to bed, was trying to wait up for Jrod from his Guy's Night Out but I think that this post is long enough. We are so busy visiting with all of Jrod's friend's I wish that he would write it all down so I could plan what I would like to do too. OH! On Saturday is the first day of the Winterhaven Festival of Lights, I can't wait to go. It seems amazing from everything the website is talking about! I will hopefully be able to find the camera by then and take tons of pictures to show! This is all going to happen after we also go to the 4th Avenue street fair, which after driving down there last year but not getting to stop I am so looking forward to!

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