Friday, December 17, 2010

Cookies are Done!

This product is from Phenocryst Originals at Etsy.

Yesterday if you remember or read below, I was very upset about my Christmas shopping plans. This morning I woke up and just starting looking the internet for ideas with no place to even start. Then I remember Etsy! before all the Thanksgiving/vacation/Christmas work madness that has messed my brain up into a much I went looking for items I thought Jrod would like. Thank goodness I did! I bought more gifts this morning, two which have already shipped along with one more gift I have waiting to pay for! Let me tell you that I was on a roll this morning, was almost late for work because I was going to start shopping for my cats too. Then I remembered that they won't know it's not Christmas if the gifts come late.

Today we went and saw Tron Legacy in 3-D with Dbox seating and it was really good! Then we went out for a quick dinner, then off to Target. I had to finish shopping for my other work Holiday Party that is tomorrow night. I wrapped everything up tonight because the party starts at 5 pm and it's about an hour drive away with traffic. I also baked Brown Eyed Baker's No Bake Cookies, it was a request and I am hoping they turn out well. I am letting them cool over night. Breakfast with Santa is happening early tomorrow morning, so I am off to get ready for my Friday or maybe your Saturday. Hoping to hit up the Windcrest lights tomorrow night since we will be on that side of town, we will see.

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