Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flat Belly Diet?!?

I can't sleep due to taking a huge 3 hour nap around 3pm today, so up I am feeling like crap. I have two Christmas parties to go to today (Tuesday) but at the moment I just want to spend the day in my pj's watching Christmas movies with my heating pad and cats.

The title of this post is Flat Belly Diet for a reason, I wanted to know if anyone has tried this yet? I picked up the book at Bookman's used bookstore while I was in AZ this past week and have read a good amount of it. Last year at the time I weighted 11 lbs less, and between work and stress at home from work I can't kick it. I am a stress eater and all day long I eat really bad things for me which I need to stop doing. There is a bunch of recipes that I want to try and I am all up for eating 4 smaller meals a day for I am a snacker. They have really good pack ahead snacks and I feel if I just keep good snacks around it will at least be a start. I also think that their 4 day de-bloater is a good idea too. I have been having a lot of stomach/ ab gas bubble pain as of late and duck walking around doesn't always work. *I found while searching the web that if you duck walk your gas pain will go away & it works most of the time.

I am just getting back from vacation and starting my not fun girl week, so I think that next week I am going to start with the 4 day de-bloater of Flat Belly Diet to see how it works. I know that with the holidays and my crazy work hours that I won't be able to start the diet 100% just yet but I am going to try and stick to what I can. Now the exercises in the book I haven't really gotten into that much, but I am really wanted to go back to the gym now that my trainer as stopped calling me 24/7. Once I feel better I think that I am going to start up again doing my yoga videos from 6-6:30 am then adding a mix between Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred and Kettlenetics on days that I work. I really enjoy both at least the most you can enjoy getting your butt kicked.

I should have enough time, if I pack my breakfast and lunch the night before to do both workouts (yoga + video) along with a shower. No lie, I am a sweat hog people! My friend Karen and I have had many a talks about people sweating while they workout. I am sometimes so bad that it looks like I wet myself! I have to say that I do feel better knowing that other people sweat tons too, my Zumba teach at the end of class is soaked! While Jrod is in school this up coming semester I am going to try not to stay at work so late and hit the gym more. I just have to prep dinner so we don't eat out so much, which as also been a HUGE problem for the last month. I bought a new cookbook, so don't worry I think that I am ready. Though if anyone as any amazing slow cooker recipes, I am always up for them! Off to lay in bed and read, hoping to fall asleep soon.

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