Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a day!

Last night as I was finishing up my post and getting ready for bed I had put my second load of wash in the dryer. I was tried, upset, and just wanted to crawl into bed. Well, it turns out that I didn't put the lint filter back in after I cleaned it. This morning when I went to try it on and make sure all my clothes were dry (my work clothes don't dry well) I couldn't get it to work. I open it up and notice that I am missing the filter. *oh crap!* was the first thought in my head. I got my kick butt lint stick and was able to fish out 3 socks and a pair of underwear. It still didn't work, so I thought I would wait and see if it fixed it's self while I was at work, it was a no go. So I had to tell Jrod when we got home, and he was not happy. We spent the next 3 hours looking for the warranty with no luck finding it. I am calling the repair service tomorrow, but what an adventure it was today. Please let my Electrolux be okay.

I think that best part was that I got to clean everything and I have been needing/wanting to clean/organize and shredded all of my papers. The bad part was that I came home early from work because my stomach and I are not friends at this moment. Dinner was killer tonight trying to get down homemade chicken soup from Monday. It keeps cramping up, really different parts of my abs do it at different times. I am really thinking it is from stress, because I was 150% stressed out most of Monday then didn't sleep do to it on Mon/Tues night and then crazy stressed out again on Tuesday. 

I have a dr's appointment on Monday the 31st and I am going to talk to her about a dietitian to talk to about everything going on in my food life. Has anyone ever been to one? 

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