Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cupcakes, Jenny Hart, and Greek

So, last night I stayed up two hours later than normal to finally bake my German Chocolate Cupcakes. Though today I learned that the people who work for me don't like them but everyone else does. Between batches I made more Rice Krispies which were still really popular. Next baking day will be Better than Sex cake, I know I have had it and it is.. at least the sex that I have had :)

Super excited today, I got my Jenny Hart books!! I now have to get an iron with board, floss (which I am super excite about!), and more things to stitch! Both items are amazing! The patterns that come with both have my mind in twist about what to do first!

I don't know if you have I Tunes, but I am so hooked on the I-Tunes U! At the moment I am working on Learning Elementary Greek by Dr. James Voelz from Concordia. I also have downloaded classes from MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale, and Arizona State. If you haven't been to the free podcast you NEED TO! There is so much to learn for Free! I have two cooking show, the Ugly Betty show, Learning French and Japanese, and What Not to Wear (with Stacey and Clinton!). The three shows that I can't live without are CraftyPod, Ford Models Yoga, and Hip Tranquil Chick. Craftypod has there own website, which they have wonderful links to tons of fun stuff to learn how to do. Hip Tranquil Chick has a wonderful website with a Forum, Om-work (which is homework after each weekly podcast), and wonderful links.

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