Thursday, November 8, 2007

Podcast, Jazz, and Rice Krispies

I got to leave work an hour earlier than normal, and have no doubt that I ran for that door. That being said, I had extra time and finally got to BAKE!! Well, I don't think that making Rice Krispies really counts as baking... maybe cooking. Anyways, the first batch is done and cooling with more being made tomorrow night along with the cupcakes and maybe a cake. My friend from work wants to come over and bake too, but we both are going to be working late and I don't know how much will be getting done. On another note... I am so happy because Saturday morning as soon as the apartment office opens I will finally get my books about stitching! I know what you are thinking.. huh? Well, I was looking up stuff on the internet.. I get bored and like to search a lot, and found this wonderful company called Sublime Stitching ( . I had to go to it, because I am a dork and enjoy cross stitching even though I'm not very good at it and because I like some of the songs by the band Sublime. The designs are amazing and the best part is that they are IRON ON!! So really anyone can do it. The owner, a miss Jenny Hart, has two books out and using my awesome 50% coupon from Barnes and Nobles I ordered both! I will let you know about them once I get them figured out.

I also wanted to do a quick plug really fast about a pod-cast called Yogamazing ( When I use to live in Orlando, I tried to go a yoga class once a week at my gym once I finally discovered it. I found that once I starting doing it, even though I was so not good at all! I really enjoyed it, could tell I was getting bendier each class, and if I didn't go to at least one a week I started to feel like something was off in my life. Since moving out to San Antonio I have found Yogamazing and it is very well done, with all the shows being different time lengths if I just don't feel like doing anything I can usually talk myself into a 15 mins class of his. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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