Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Starting my Adventure!

HI! So I am writing this is to hopefully help out others, who like me can't find the help they are looking for. I've just made a huge moving half way across the U.S. leaving everyone and everything I know and love behind to look deeper into myself. This is my babbles about learning how to cook, sew, creating art, enjoying reading,music, t.v., and all bumps along the adventure. I have one year to try and figure everything out that I can. I would love to hear from you all too!

At the moment I am reading Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep, it just came out today. It's very cute... I'm only half way through it but I like her first book better, Karma Girl, at the moment. I also bought Better Homes and Gardens anyone can cook cookbook. I can't wait to get started, I am a huge fan of baking but no so good with meal unless it is breakfast. Breakfast for dinner anyone? I'm hopefully going to be baking German Chocolate Cupcakes today :) Cupcakes are my favorite thing to bake at the moment, I got a whole desk top calendar about them for 2008.

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