Friday, November 30, 2007

In the beginning there were books....

You will find out very fast that I have a love for books, a very odd love but still a love. I still have all of my Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew books, including the 25 books where they are in them together (in one Frank and Nancy... oh baby oh baby!) to bring the total to over 150 adventures. Why hang on to this and not all 105 of my babysitter club books you ask.. I want to past them down to my kids, when I have them, and I am kind really hoping for boys, with one girl. I'm not a girly girl per say and I don't know if I could handle girls. No matter what though I will love them once I have them. First step though I need a guy.. so now that I am totally off topic back we go.
I don't know about you all, but I love and the list mania they have. I have found a couple of different authors who I now love that way, but I still don't find that much that I would like to read this way. I need MORE! I can easily read 2 to 3 books on my day off no problem. What I really need is your help, and I also want to help you all out too. Please remember that I like in my mind what are odd books, some best sellers, but still odd.
Tonight we will talk about one of my all time favorite authors, hands down! First off let me tell you that I need a story that I will get into but that I will also laugh at loud at multiple times while reading it. My all time never go wrong with any of her books is Jennifer Crusie. If you are going to start reading this author you should go out and buy Welcome to Temptation, and Faking It, reading Welcome first. They have some of the same character in them and to completing understand Faking It you need to read Welcome first. One of my favorite all time quotes/conversations comes from Faking It, I will post some of it up tomorrow so you will get a nibble of what a wonderful book it is. Next I would get Bet Me or Manhunting, both are non stop laughter. Jennifer also got together with another author Bob Mayer, and so far they have two books out. One in paperback, Don't Look Down, and the other one still in hardcover Agnes and the Hitman. Both are worth double or triple the price you will pay, trust me.
Now if you don't have a ton of money to spend on books and don't really do the used book store thing ( I love them but I understand that some people don't) I have to let you know about website. I am on a 6 books at a time place and you just have to plot out how you read but you should always have new books on there way to you. It is the best $16.00 I spend a month. It's just like Netflix, but with books! I hope this helps, more to come tomorrow!

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