Monday, February 22, 2010

I love my Keurig

For any of you that know me in the least bit, you know that I don't drink coffee at all! So you are asking yourself, why do you love your Keurig one cup coffee maker. See the ball jars, they are filled with tea and the top spinner is full of Chai Tea, both which I can not live without anymore. They are all I drink besides water now a days. I have to tell you that when I drink tons of tea (blackberry cherry is my fav.) I feel so much better. Now if you look at the bottom of the spinner, that really is chocolate donut coffee got to love it! If you have a k-cup system I have to tell you to hit up! You can make your own 25 pack and it's not that much more then the one flavor packs you have to pick from at the stores.

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