Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Muffin Love!

From one of my Favorite sites, Cookiemadness comes High rising sour cream muffins! They are so moist and yummy! I did homemade streusel on top and it rocked! If you click on muffin love it will take you to her website.

Tonight I am off to Gold's Gym to meet with a trainer and see how I like it. I really miss my gang of ladies from Florida that we would all go to Bally's together and workout after work. I need that system of other people and classes. I am very excited for the classes, I really want to try spin. I am happy to be meeting with a trainer, I feel it would help me alot in my many different goals for my body. I would like to lose some of the fat from my hips to right above my knees, I need to be more flexible, and I want kick butt arms. Is that so much to ask for? I am sure that all the baking I do isn't helping either, though I am still losing weight from eating healthy a good amount of the time.

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