Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy few months

Hello Friends,

I doubt that anyone even looks here anymore and I am not going to be posting this up on my facebook anymore either. It's been a super crazy time these past few months.

- Summer picked up and got crazy at work right as everyone was leaving to go back to school
-My boss quit the day before Labor Day Weekend which was a super busy weekend when it is normally very quite.
- I am now the boss but with no help and tons of new projects/task given to me.
- Jarid is back in school and our eating schedule is out the window due to that and my 12 hour days.

Some GREAT news though:

- WE ran a half marathon earlier this month! We did the Disney's Wine and Dine 13.1 miles!! It was nuts due to many different factors but I think that the worst was that it started at 10pm!! That's right at night people! We were throw off schedule for 2 whole days and it took longer than that to fully recover. I cried when I was done, I have never been so proud of myself as I was in that moment. My time was no were close to great, but I finished and that is all the matters. My friend Karen was 4 mins ahead of me, while Jarid was an hour. Around half mile into it he grab me in a sideways hug and kissed the top of my head then took off. Suzie was waiting for all of us at the finish line. I am trying to make it was I can be waiting for her at the end of her first half in January!

- Today I woke up weighting the most I have ever weighted, and I wasn't even the least bit sad about it. Instead I went shopping and found an amazing pair of jeans, a cute sweater, and the best sweatshirt/jacket ever!! I will post pictures when I finally get to wear it... fall where are you?!? I know that I should be a little worried, but it that time for me and I am on med's for a stupid cough that make you gain weight. Now I know that you think I am just saying this but I really don't think that I gained 3 lbs over night and then the next night added 2lbs to that. And no people, I have not been baking so don't go there with my cookies! :)

I have my diet and fitness journal out and ready to start tomorrow, I packed an awesome breakfast of oatmeal (raisins, flax seed, and pecans) cat cookies for people as snack, and lastly a healthy choice microwave meal. I am going to write in my journal when I am done here and start a new day tomorrow! Today as been one of the first that I have been able to breath and relax in a very long time, I went shopping, cleaned the house, and did Ali spa/girly time while singing and dancing around the house. So though most people would have been sad on this day of hitting one of the highest weight days ever, I went out and had a blast.

How have you been?

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Brittany said...

You should think about doing another half-marathon! There's one in Austin in February!