Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Morning!

I found this picture today while on one of my favorite blogs: hula seventy! She has the most amazing pictures and I love picture booth fridays. Hope all is going great for you this morning, I was way too tired last night to post. This morning though I am moving; my cup of tea is almost gone, dinner is in the slow cooker, and breakfast/lunch are packed. I am very excited for dinner, I made pot roast with cream dill sauce, veggies, and it will all be over egg noodles. Oh yeah! The thing I love about slow cookers is that this meal will last us about 3 days, the last one though hit 4 days! I have a meal planner pad ( I will put a picture up later) and it is my life saver. I just plan out all the meals for the week or even two go to the store and get everything (I wait on fresh veggies until the day of) and we are good for a while.

I am sad to say that I did not make it to my Zumba class last night :( but I am going to try again tonight. It runs at 6pm Mon-Thr. so I figured I am going to have to hit it at least one night! If not that I have Friday off and they have an 8am class. Speaking of Friday, I have a 4pm session with my trainer Matt. Now a little background, I have been going to Gold's Gym since Febuary in that time I am on my third trainer because they keep leaving! My first two were a girl and now I have a guy, they are all great but I really like girls over guys. I am one of those people who likes to talk a lot while I workout, and it is so much easier to talk with a girl then a guy. Plus he calls like 24/7 about when are you going to book next. Listen guy I work easy 50-60 hours a week and when I am free you are in school and I am a morning workout person not a night time one. I only have 3 sessions left so I am just going to get them over with and see what will happen from there. I really don't want to work out at 4pm because it will be over at 5pm ... on a Friday... traffic will be so BAD!! It is only a 15 min drive away but it will take me about 45 mins to get home that night... grrrr...

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