Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Shoes!

These are my AMAZING new shoes that I got yesterday from Whole Earth Provision Company. We went there in search of a new pair of hiking boots for Jrod, which I am very happy to say that we found! I have been looking for new fun weekend shoes for almost a year now, my heart has been set on getting a pair of kick ass boots but when I saw these I knew that I had to have them. Hello!!! They match my new nail polish to a T!! Thank you very much Essie Merino Cool! This all came about after our trip to Lost Maples National Park, it kicked my butt in a good way. I was very thankful for my new hiking shoes but Jrod learned very fast that his shoes of 13 years needed to be retired. I have to go back on Tuesday because the hiking pants/shorts I got don't fit and I think that I am going to see about getting Jrod a jacket he was eyeing and a hat that I thought I could find cheaper but was very wrong. I also found another pair of AMAZING shoes, these were clogs by clarks but on Saturday I am going to the outlets and I am hoping to get a pair of cowboy boots!

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