Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Target LOVE!

Today was a rare day off in which I didn't have tons and tons to do so I could take everything nice and slow. I went to Target and very much enjoyed a 2 HOUR! shopping adventure. My goal was to get the Giada De Laurentiis cook set that is on sale this week, but once I got in front of it I just couldn't get it into my cart. I really need a 12 in skillet and it didn't come with one, plus do we really need new cooking pans? The answer to that one is YES but I am still living in my must save money at all cost mode and the very old/goodwill pans will stay in the house a little bit longer. I am very happy to say that I bought the Pryex 11 piece baking/ storage set though. It was so much easier to put $17.99 in your cart then $149.99. In the end I got some very much needed fun socks and work socks and TONS of egg nog creamer and drink for jrod. I could walk around Target all day and just be so happy, the bonus was that they had free samples of pumpkin pie and pecan pie! It was an amazing morning!!

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