Thursday, January 28, 2010


Looking for a great recipe for Molasses cookies, it's really hard to find a good one. On tonight menu we are having super stuffed navy bean soup with everything in it! So excited about that one. I am in charge of cookies tomorrow when I get home from work. It's going to be a "short" day at least I am going to be getting home at a good time. So this weekend I have off for two days straight! Going to run out and get kitty food and whatever ingredients I need for the cookies as soon as I get out of work, then off to clean the house! I like getting everything done at the start of the weekend, so I can be a bum for the rest. On netflixs I just got Funny People and the first disc of SportsNight. I will let you know how it goes.

Has anyone been watching The Biggest Loser? I don't like the green or red team at all. I might stop watching this season after next week just because I get so upset at them. In a bad way, and I am mad that they (red) are from Texas. I would never want her to be my lawyer and she has to be a police scanner chaser at that. Okay, not going to talk about it or I will get all upset again.

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