Sunday, January 10, 2010

Night 2 of Humidifier

So tonight is night two with the Safety 360 humidifier. It was really quite all night, but the one little light kept bugging me so tonight I am just going to turn the machine around. I slept a little better last night then I did the night before but only until 5:30ish. I only had it half way on so I think that tonight I am going to turn it up more and cover the light. Tomorrow is my day off but my honey's alarm goes off at 5:30 am for he works. It sucks that we work completely different days, because sleeping in is so rare. We did have a great nap today though, so I will take that. My goal for tomorrow is cleaning the kitchen/ living room, kitty stuff, read a couple chapters in my book, catch up on the Martha Stewart show, and doing a bunch of stitching. Ordered a new book online and I will let you know all about it once I finally get it. Have a great night! P.S. This is lulu and yes she really sits like this and hangs out. She is a silly kitty who beats the crap out of her brother all the time.

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