Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello and happy Friday!! Well, it's not my Friday but most likely it is yours. I have mine tomorrow (so excited!!) and I am hoping for a short day but who knows. We had one of my man's friend from Hawaii come and visit us for the week, and work as been crazy that is why I have been quite. Sorry about that, don't worry I will be up and going again tomorrow.

Tonight we are going to a new restaurant for us called Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. I am not a big fan of seafood at all, but J.T. really wanted to go plus I got to pick where we are going for Valentine's Day dinner!! After that we are going to see the San Antonio Symphony due a show called Star Wars and more John Williams! I used to work at the Star Wars ride (star tours) at Walt Disney World many moons ago, but I love it! I will let you know how it is. Have a great Friday night!

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