Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year New You?

Christmas and New Year's have come and gone, thank goodness. I don't think that I could handle anymore 12 or more hour days. I was so run down that I was just a bum for the first couple days. I have been working on my New Years resolutions though! I was planning on starting with flossing and doing my hair/makeup. Instead due to the taking down of the holiday decorations I have started with re-organizing the whole house.

I am loving it! So far I have thrown out about 4 bags of trash/recycle, and need a 4th box for goodwill. The Container Store is my best friend at the moment, I have been going online and making a wish list of there products when I figure out what I need. The bonus is that if you start a wish list you get a 20% coupon for everything! I am a huge price comparer and I have to say that they beat out a lot of places. We were at Bed Bath and Beyond and the C. Store was a lot cheaper on many things.

Speaking of Bed Bath and Beyond, I have a Keurig coffee machine though I don't drink coffee, my boyfriend does though. We just bought and now are super hooked on the new Chai Latte drink in place of hot coco. I also use it every morning to make my tea, Black Cherry Berry is totally my favorite at the moment. I have to buy it two boxes at a time. Hope you have a great day! Off to clean the computer desk, then off the book store!!

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