Monday, January 24, 2011


What to you think? 

I am very happy to say that my dryer got fixed today with NO problems, I was really worried because the company that came out to fix it has really bad ratings. I always check these kinds of things. I am going to make it a point tonight torate them a 5 star! My guy was amazing, funny, answered all of Jrod's questions and took his time to do it right even though we were his last stop of the day! I feel this company may be given a bad rap because ... well I just don't know. The other bonus of the day is that is was covered by warranty so it cost NOTHING! 

Now last night we stopped at Whole Foods, I know two Saturdays in a row what is up with that! I picked up an Emergen-C pink lemonade pack, because I LOVE pink lemonade.Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix,... My old boss swore up and down that these products were amazing, but has anyone else tried them? I feel that I might be behind in the times not having this before. Does it really work? If so I am going to stock up for Spring Break time! 

It's been an odd and amazing day working a half day and getting so much done. All I have left to do is dinner and I am going to make some carrot cake cookies because I bought a tons of carrots last Saturday and I can't let them go bad! Have to run Jrod is taking over my computer! 

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